Epc Contracting

TFT Enerji is givin turnkey EPC contracting services for all Powerplants, Substations, Transmission Lines and Distribution Systems.

Powerplant EPC Contracting

EPC contracting of all electromechanical part of the Powerplants is in TFT Enerji field of activities. The commissioning of the Powerplant is also under EPC Contracting scope. If it is requested turnkey EPC Contracting service shall be given including the civil works with our experienced solution partners.

HV-MV Substation EPC Contracting

All AIS or GIS substations’ civil, primary and secondary installations and test&commissioning services shall be given by TFT Enerji.

HV-MV Substation EPC Contracting

All type of Transmission Line projects shall be contracted to TFT Enerji including or excluding material procurement.

Distribution & LV Systems EPC Contracting

EPC contracting services shall be given by TFT Enerji with it’s experienced solution partners for Airport, Business District, Hospital, Hotel, Skyscraper etc.