TFT Enerji gives consultancy services in Project development, Project planning and follow up, feasibility reports, supervision and controller scopes to conduct experience and provide objective and healty decision making and control mechanism to investors.

Project Development

We are giving service for available investment plans of the countries or constructing new investment projects, management of administrative and technical agreements period and feasibilties to the investors.

Project Management

Gives management consultancy service for the existing projects in engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning period. All Project Plans, Subcotractor relationships and investor representative scopes are under Project Management services.

International Project Management

Giving service in Project definition, work organization, construction reporting and control internationally. Especially our experience in Africa, Middle East and Far East projects helps to solve possible problems in international projects.


We are giving service as a controller or problem solving support in construction stage or commissioning stages. Also the test, commissioning and maintanance scopes are under Supervision Services.